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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Loreal Warehouse Haul 2014 Part 1

So I had the chance to go to the bi early Loreal Warehouse Sale in Montreal this autumn again (yeah that was last month) and go the following items. I went twice actually with a different friend each time. As usual you need a ticket to get in. Just ask around your friends, relatives, coworkers you might be lucky! Total was about 40$! 

So this is what I got:
1. L'oreal True Match Nature Mineral Foundation in bare nude  - 6$
2. Maybeline Color Show in (Dotty, Blue Marks the spot ) and two other colors. Reviews of the confetti nail polish to come! 1.50$ each yay
3. Loreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer (using it right now, it's not bad but not suitable if you are.if I remember really looking to conceal acnes or scars since it's runny and coverage is minimal) 4$ if I remember well
4. L'oreal visible lift CC Cream - 3.75$ so cheap!
5. Loreal New York Baby Lips ( 2 pinks and one orange, tried the pink liked it so far!) 2 bucks each

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