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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Loreal Warehouse Sale 2015 Haul Montreal

Luckily I I had the chance to go to the bi-annually l'oreal warehouse sale this year again because my mom's friend got a ticket. Didn't know what to get but ended with those things instead. I am running out of moisturizer from my korean products so picked up this Biotherm set. Got it for $24 and it sells on Amazon for $78, cannot believe it. Besides tat I picked up the L'oreal 48 hrs Ideal Moisture Tint also, it's like a tinted lotion with 25spf for $4.75$ so why not? I used it this week so far, like it but would probably wait until it gets hotter since all my other products contains SPF already.

Next, I spent like one  hour choosing Essie nail colors since I can't decide! It's $4.75 for one or buy 5 get 1 free so comes out to $4 bucks each. I keep buying nail polishes but rarely put them because I am lazy lazy and not good at it at applying at all. I guess practice makes perfect.

Wearing the boxer shorts color now and love it!

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